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When entering goods on behalf of the customs representative having the certificate issued by the Federal Customs Service of the Russian Federation you share your risks legislatively with the customs brokers.
Customs registration is a vast package of measures oriented to the furnishing of information on the goods delivered to the customs authority in the prescribed form, their further examination by the customs authority, and procurement of permits for the release of goods.

Put it bluntly, stage of the customs registration is currently one of the crucial links in the long logistics chain of goods delivery.
Firstly, this stage includes payment of custom duties and taxes as provided for in the legislation. Secondly, the stage of the customs registration takes a long time, if reasonable preliminary work was not conducted. Thirdly, without the prompt completion of this stage, there is a possibility of additional costs of the customer, namely: the storage of goods at the port, idle time of a vehicle ready to implement further cargo delivery to the warehouse of the recipient, additional measures of control by the customs authorities, fines from the networks for the late delivery of the goods, etc. It is important to place confidence in the professionals in this case. Customs registration services are not expensive. But the right choice of your customs representative for years to come will largely contribute to success of your business. And will set you apart from competitors.

Using the technology of preliminary declaring in 90% of cases, our company arranges the release of the goods within one day after the arrival of the goods to the warehouse of the customs authority.
You just have to provide us a set of commercial and shipping documents in advance. We will do everything else for you.
An important prerequisite for an effective customs registration is not only the availability of the necessary knowledge and experience, but also the systematic monitoring of the rapidly changing legal framework. Many goods have their exclusive features and require indication of a number of specific details and carrying out additional procedures with goods.









SPECIAL OFFER!!! Especially for the support of domestic exports, we provide a free service to all exporters to obtain confirmation of the export of goods to provide to the tax authorities with the VAT refund.


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