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Delivery of goods by sea is the oldest way of maintaining economic relations between the countries. To date, this kind of transportation occupies a leading position in the unified system of exchange of goods between the states and provides the lowest cost of delivery of the goods, but loses in time. In recent years, the volume of cargo moving by sea is about 80% of the world transportation market. This figure speaks for itself, and the preconditions for its decline are not currently available.2002141937 1048844369

Container sea transportation

This is the transportation of cargos of any size and weight, moving of which requires the special containers. The advantages of container cargo transportation include the fact that the cargo remains absolutely intact, as is being protected from external influences. The content of the container is easy to load and unload from the container, and in addition, when loading on the vessel, the goods are stored in a compact state making it easy to load it for a long journey by sea. The cost of container transportation is easily calculated.

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