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Today, road transportation is the most mobile, relatively inexpensive and popular. The main convenience is that the products can be delivered from warehouse to warehouse, which is a very important factor, because the types of goods transported can be varied, including oversized and dangerous.

Also, given the fact that road transport is the most affordable, and extensive road network leads not only to the big cities, but also to small settlements, it is natural that the road transportation is the most popular.

Classification of cargo

All modern cargos are classified by purpose, by types, by transport grounds. Method of transportation is selected according to qualities of the objects transported. Dangerous, oversized, bulk, and liquid cargos and products with special temperature conditions require special shipping conditions. A method of transportation of such products is developed specially.
Dangerous goods are included in the special lists – IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations. Their transportation is carried out under the strict security measures, often specially trained forwarding agent is required to escort such goods.

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These services can be ordered through our manager, who will help resolving any issues with the involvement of company experts. The high professional level, the selection of the necessary equipment, and estimation of optimal delivery routes will allow delivering the goods safely and in the shortest possible time.


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