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We work honestly, so we say openly that we are not a certifying body. But having been working in the field of foreign economic activity for many a year, we have chosen the most worthy and highly qualified experts in this sphere for you, working as quickly as possible and at the lowest prices.

Our organization will help you to arrange the process of obtaining the necessary authorization document for the importation of goods, such as:

  • certificates of conformity;
  • declarations of compliance;
  • certificate of registration;
  • licenses for the import and export of goods,
  • phytosanitary certificates;
  • certificates of origin, form "A" and "CT-1"
  • product testing protocols;
  • expert opinions of Chamber of Commerce.

All the documents will be reviewed by us for the legitimacy, as well as the adequacy of the information specified for the purposes of the submission to the customs and other regulatory authorities.

If you will choose for work in this direction, product certification process will bear minimal costs for you and will always be under strict control. You will not have to overpay and alter documents.Сертификация 1



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