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Vernye Resheniya, LLC is ready to offer you a complete range of services in freight forwarding in the port of Novorossiysk.       Freight Forwarding Services  

The list of services includes:

• carrying out of customs, border, phytosanitary preliminary inspections of freight;
• work with marine container lines;
• registration of intra-terminal documentation;
• arrangement of container weighing;
• arrangement of export/import of the container with the goods to/from the port of Novorossiysk;
• arrangement of automotive transport in Russia;
• arrangement of transshipment of goods to the vehicle of the customer (if necessary);
• arrangement of unstuffing of container and storage of goods at a warehouse in Novorossiysk (if necessary);
• labeling of goods;
• organization of supply and stuffing of the container for the exporting goods;
• continuous monitoring, control and informing the customer on the progress of delivery of freight from the country of origin to the warehouse the recipient;
• performance of other freight forwarding customer orders by prior agreement between the parties.


We offer:

• arrangement of filing the declaration for goods on behalf of the customs representative obtaining a certificate of FCS of Russia;
• forwarding service of your freight in the port of Novorossiysk;
• marine transportation;
• road transportation;
• arrangement of transshipment and warehouse storage of goods;
• arrangement of certification;
• arrangement of translations;
• arrangement of the necessary expertise and opinions;
• the whole range of related services necessary to deliver the goods to your warehouse.
• high level of service is provided by the appointment of a personal manager to each client.

We provide freight forwarding services on weekends and public holidays, during business and non-business hours.


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